Storing Glass Ornaments

Glass Ornaments. The start of a new holiday season means you are probably eager to get to your Christmas decor items and get them sorted for where they will go in your house. However, there is nothing more disappointing than opening up your ornament boxes and realizing that these ornaments are chipped, cracked or simply broken. Too many times people do not take the time to store these properly, which results in items broken throughout the year. Even if you think that you will be storing these on their own with nothing near, you need to use the proper methods for keeping these ornaments safe for the next year. 

Choosing a Box

You will want to have a box that is specifically devoted to your glass ornaments. Never put these into other decor boxes randomly, as this is an easy way of getting these ornaments broken. Instead, opt to have a box dedicated to these ornaments. You will find that a sturdy cardboard box will work if you take the time to secure these properly. However, many people are opting to purchase plastic boxes designed with tiny cubes inside of them to hold individual ornaments. It keeps these ornaments from shifting next to one another, which often results in damage. 

Wrap the Ornaments

When you are putting these ornaments up for the next year, be sure that you are wrapping these so that they are safe. You will want to use something that is soft, yet will not rub off onto these ornaments. Many people opt to use acid-free paper that they would use when packing their items for a move. There are other options as well, such as using some old rags that you no longer need or even microwave-safe paper towels. When wrapping these ornaments be sure that you are putting these into the fabric and wrapping every inch of the glass ornament. If you need more than one piece of paper, then use this. Do not be stingy on the padding!

Store them in a Safe Location

Once the glass ornaments have been wrapped and put into the chosen box, be sure that you are storing these somewhere safe. You do not want to sit any other box on top of this as it could result in smashing these ornaments. Try to put these onto a shelf on their own, and be sure that the box has a label on it that says these are fragile and this is facing out for the next year when searching for this box. 

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