How to open a Christmas present

It feels good to expect something for Christmas, the suspense, and the excitement all contribute to the happy atmosphere hugely. You could anticipate the moment, especially for kids. Opening Christmas presents carries a thrill of its own, and it should be milked for all its worth. You could even take pictures as your family and friends are unwrapping what’s wrapped up for them. You would have a good laugh when you go over the images. When you finally get to open your gifts, you should savor the moment. Here’s how

1. Be excited

First, you have to remember that it is not about what you are about to receive as a gift; it is about the heart that deemed to get you something. It is first about the thought and the efforts that have gone into getting you this gift. The least you can do is to be excited. You don’t have to see the content before you show excitement. Remember, this is another opportunity to catch some fun. 

2. Show suspense

Of course, you are eager to find out what your Christmas present is, don’t hide your suspense. You could even express it in words. It’s all part of the fun. You shouldn’t just open the gifts and kill the fun around it. Anticipate this moment, anticipate the present. You could rub your palms together in mock nervousness; you could even ask, ‘What’s in here?’. You’ll have everyone laughing. Try to guess what’s in there. 

3. Open carefully

You don’t know what this person has wrapped up in there. You can’t just shake the box carelessly; a fragile wine glass could be in there. Let the giver know that you value the gift, even if you haven’t seen it yet. Remove the wrapper as carefully as you can. Be careful with the box too, also if you know your gift is a Teddy bear. 

4. Be appreciative

Nothing would make that person happier than the fact that you love your gift, and you are pleased about it. When you finally unwrap your gift, smile, hug the person who gave it, say a million thanks, no matter what the present is. Whatever you do, be grateful for the gifts. 

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