How to have a fulfilling Christmas day

You have probably anticipated this day for some months now and now that it’s here, you suddenly don’t know what to do with it. The need to hold on to those twenty-four hours and make the most of them can rob you of the fun and excitement that you should experience. However, your anticipation is legitimate, you should have a wonderful time on Christmas day. Here’s how to have a fulfilling Christmas day. 

1. Reminisce

This day, you have to slow your roll. Pause for a little bit to appreciate your journey through the years. Arouse in yourself a sense of gratitude. Dust the old albums and check out those old pictures. You may find yourself laughing your heart out in no time at all. Treat yourself and your family to some old pictures and videos. You’ll have a lot of fun.

2. Create fresh memories

Don’t just reminisce about old times and the excitement of those years. Create new memories you can revisit later. Take some pictures and make new videos. Don’t restrict yourself to straight poses, make it fun. Make funny faces, capture moments of fun for instance during games and while unwrapping gifts. You would be surprised how much fun this can be. 

3. Dance

Let the music play on and dance. Whether you are celebrating alone or with people, you are sure to have some fun dancing. Of course, make sure you capture this moment. Don’t worry about getting the steps right, just enjoy the music and sing along, if you can. It’s more fun that way. Be sure to notice the smiles on the faces of the people around you, and savor the moment. 

4. Extend that fun

You’ve probably always had so much fun with your family and friends. You can take it a notch higher and extend that fun to others outside your circle. A little time with the lonely neighbor across the street or a fun time with the kids at the orphanage would truly be fulfilling. If you can have some of your friends and family join you, it just got better. 

You are set for the most fulfilling Christmas you’ve ever had. 

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