How to give the most thoughtful Christmas gifts?

Sometimes you can spend weeks, maybe months trying to come up with the best gift Christmas for your spouse, kids, or friends. After deciding on what to buy, you compare shop sales and prices, and after getting it, you spend time wrapping it. This scenario can be a little tiring: We have compiled a guide to help you get a thoughtful, fun, meaningful, and less expensive gift. This guide will help you in coming up with the best possible Christmas idea.

· Make gift-giving more surprising

Gift-giving can be made more extraordinary by starting a rotating gift box, introducing a gag gift, and having a cobweb party. This creative idea helps in creating anticipation, therefore, increasing appreciation for the present. 

Make gift-giving simplerGetting a more straightforward gift could help in reducing costs as well as enabling you to get something close to the heart desire of the recipient. You can start by eliminating the guesswork involved in getting the recipient something he or she will appreciate. To do this, you ask from a wish list from the recipient. This list saves time and effort and still preserves the element of surprise.

· Make gift-giving take longer (for the kids!)

This can be done by making gift-giving into a treasure hunt or playing a game such as taking turns turning a bottle to decide who gets to unwrap his/her gift first.

· Make gift-giving less costly

The Christmas season is less about the money and more about the feeling, the joy, and happiness it brings; it is about being with your loved ones. It is still ok to get something expensive, but getting something less costly doesn’t make the gift any less lovely. So even if you don’t have the money to get that one big expensive gift you planned to get, a less costly gift doesn’t make it any less valuable.

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