How People Are Repurposing Their Christmas Trees For Valentines Day

The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner. Have you been too busy to take your artificial Christmas tree down? Or are you just plain dreading it? Let’s face it; taking down the Christmas tree is kind of depressing. Without all the lights and magic, the room seems a bit gloomier. Have you ever heard of repurposing your Christmas tree for Valentine’s Day? Oh yeah, it’s a growing tradition, and here’s how you can channel your creativity and make your house glow with the color and warmth of love: 

  • Buy or create your own red garland (remember how fun those paper chains were to make in primary school?)
  • Create your own candy heart ornaments or check out these adorable ones here. 
  • Going all out for your Valentine? You can custom order a red or pink artificial tree on treetopia, or choose from various other fun colors. Gold or white are popular colors too! 
  • Place your Valentine’s gifts under the tree, and maybe put their card in the tree. You can also put chocolate and other candy either in the tree or around the bottom with the gifts. 
  • Thinking of proposing? Why not kneel in the glow of the tree while you pop the question, making their experience unforgettable! You can even hide the ring in a unique heart-shaped Valentine ornament for your loved on to discover. 
  • Top your tree with a big heart 
  • Use pink, red and/or white bows on the tree for décor
  • Places roses or carnations (fake ones last much longer) in your tree
  • Pick up some fun Valentines stuffed animals for an extra cute touch 
  • Create little cards with thoughtful inscriptions for your Valentine (like what you love most about them) and hide them in the tree. Let them pick a different one to read each night. 
  • On a budget? Use colored construction paper to make your decorations!

For more ideas to get your creativity flowing, just search on Instagram using the #Valentinestree. You won’t be disappointed, and your Valentine is sure to be delighted! 

Repurposing your artificial Christmas tree for Valentine’s day is a fun and innovative way to celebrate the day for the special people in your life. Don’t put that Christmas tree away yet—it’s time to let your creativity shine!  

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