Best items to include in a gift basket for men

    Picking out gift items for men can be a bit tasking, especially when you want to make a gift basket. It doesn’t have to be. This Christmas, you could pick out the best combination of gifts to include in his gift basket, and you can be sure to get it right.  Here are a few items to include:

1. A bottle of wine

        A bottle of wine is a classic choice for men. Note his favorite wine and start stuffing your basket with that brand. It is very thoughtful. Plus, it sends the message that you are mindful of his preferences. 

2. Sports items

     Is he a lover of sports? If he plays golf, a golf stick will do just fine. If he loves football, add a football to your basket. A pair of sports shoes would also be great. 

3. Bath gift set

Don’t forget to add a body spray and a shaving cream. It’s bold, and it’s masculine. It sends the message that you appreciate their masculinity. While you are purchasing that body spray, be sure that it has a masculine scent. 

4. Cuff links

       They are small and cute. You could explore many options here. Feel free to play with different shapes. Pay particular attention to the designs. He has to use it, after all. 

5. Socks and neckties

       Add some pairs of socks to your basket. Of course, note his preferences. You could choose between a bow tie and a straight tie, a long straight tie or a short one, and you should know what he would prefer. 

6. A journal

       If you are getting a journal, then you know this person well enough to be sure they’d appreciate the gift. Help them gather their thoughts and plan out their days with the cutest journal you can find. You could sneak some notes in the journal. It would be so much fun for them, discovering the notes. 

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