3D Santa Card


3D Santa Card


    • white card stock
    • scissors or paper cutter
    • ruler/bone folder (optional)
    • craft glue
    • small paint brush
    • embellishments (glitter, cotton balls, markers, pom-poms, etc)
    • Download Santa Template Here>


  1. Download and print card template onto white card stock and cut out using scissors or paper cutter.
  2. Use a ruler and bone folder to create a folding crease at 5″ (middle of card). This creates a clean crease and makes it easier to fold correctly. Note: If you’re allowing kids to embellish the printed card, don’t fold until card has been decorated and glue has thoroughly dried.
  3. Use glitter glue, cotton balls, markers or any other fun embellishments to make your Santa card truly one-of-a-kind. Tip: For the “Dear Santa” card design, have the kids write to Santa or create a wish list inside the card.
  4. When letting the kids decorate the card, LET THEM HAVE A BALL AND DO WHAT THEY WANT! But still try to have them show some of Santa’s face to make sure people see what the card has on the front of it… 😉

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